Wheel Alignment Stands

When it comes to keeping a vehicle safely performing at optimal efficiency, one of the most important services that must be done is regular wheel alignment. While some people can perform a front end alignment at home with jack stands and other basic equipment, other customers will require your expertise for fast and thorough service. That means your bay must include sturdy wheel alignment stands to quickly access the underside of a vehicle and get customers in and out of the shop. If you're ready to install a new four-wheel alignment stand, or multiple alignment stands into your service station, ProQuip has you covered. We sell strong car alignment stands from two of the top brands in the business: QSP and Forward Lift. Our 4 wheel alignment stands are highly-durable to lock vehicles in place with ease and will allow you to have the best possible angle to access and adjust the wheels. In addition, some of our wheel alignment stands are available in various colors to match the aesthetic of your shop. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at any time. Otherwise, browse our alignment stands below and purchase today!

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Would you like to do wheel alignment work without investing in a specialized alignment lift rack? Portable alignment stands are just what you need to add more services to your shop's menu. Wheel alignment stands are easy to use with a standard two-post lift. Raise the vehicle with your lift, slide the portable alignment stands under the wheels and lower the vehicle onto the stands.

Different Alignment Stands for a Variety of Jobs

Here at ProQuip Solutions, we offer a variety of wheel alignment stands. QSP's DB24 is the simplest way to get yourself into some alignment work. The DB24 is a lightweight portable stand that can hold 1,500 pounds per stand (6,000 pounds total) and help you perform wheel alignments with your current lift. The DB24-MD boosts the weight capacity to 2,500 pounds per stand without sacrificing portability.

Modify Your Four Post Lift

Four-post lift users can also convert their equipment to perform wheel alignments. Options from QSP and Forward Lift each offer bolt-on modifications to turn a four-post lift into a wheel alignment rack.

We Have the Wheel Alignment Stands You're Looking For

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