Rolling Bridge Jacks

Upgrade your current lifting situation with rolling bridge jacks from ProQuip Solutions. A high-quality rolling bridge jack is the best way to transform your 4-post lift into a full-service lift. With highly dependable rolling jacks for 4-post lifts, you can make wheel service even easier to perform. The BendPak RBJ4500 Rolling Jack is one of the most popular offerings on the market, while the Rotary RJ9000Y-1BK had an astounding lifting capacity of 9000 lbs. Browse our extensive 4-post lift jack selection below or our collection of four-post car lifts here to bring your facility to the next level.

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Add versatility to your four-post lift with a rolling bridge jack from ProQuip Solutions. Rolling bridge jacks allow you to get all four tires elevated off the lift to perform wheel and brake work that would otherwise be limited if the wheels were grounded on a four-post lift. The rolling jacks help you get the best of both worlds, combining the benefits of a two-post lift with your four-post lift.

When your time is your money, you want to make your projects as efficient as possible. Rolling jacks for four-post lifts do just that, allowing you to work standing up rather than on your knees or while crouched. This makes it easier to see what you're doing and gives you more reach and mobility to get the job done. Check out what we have to offer and choose the best equipment for your shop's needs.

How Much Weight Can Rolling Bridge Jacks Lift?

Rolling jacks for four-post lifts that are available from ProQuip Solutions can handle a range of weight depending on the model. For example, the BendPak RBJ4500 rolling jack works perfectly with the HD-9 Lift and can support 4,500 pounds per jack. At the other end of the spectrum, BendPak's RBJ25000 can lift 25,000 pounds per jack when you need to perform work on exceptionally large vehicles.

Can Rolling Bridge Jacks Be Adjusted?

Our bridge jacks fit into the track of your four-post lift and can be adjusted in various ways to accommodate whatever vehicle you need to service. The rolling jacks can slide back and forth along the lift's track, and their side mounts can extend side-to-side to fit the width of the vehicle's anchor points. In addition, you can add optional vertical spacers to allow your rolling jack to lift your vehicle higher if you need more clearance.

Can I Finance a bridge jack for a four-post lift?

Most definitely. Our financing is handled by First Western Bank & Trust. Apply online and get quick approval for your new four-post lift jack. Click here to get started.