Automotive Scissor Lifts

The automotive scissor lift is one of the best tools for turning any space into a service bay. At ProQuip Solutions, we have been offering the best in car scissor lift solutions for decades, only carrying the best products from the top automotive scissor lift manufacturers. We pride ourselves in the quality of our auto scissor lift collection and are confident that you will be able to find the perfect scissor car lift for your needs below! Whether looking for a 6000 lb capacity scissor lift or a heavy duty 14,000 lb capacity lift, we have you covered. Shop for the best auto scissor lifts for sale from brands like BendPak, Challenger and Rotary below!

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When You're Short on Space and Need Versatility, Choose a Car Scissor Lift

Smaller budgets and tighter spaces shouldn't limit your ability to perform maintenance on your vehicles. An automotive scissor lift is often the ultimate solution for small pro service centers and home garages because it offers great performance with a ton of versatility. Most of our auto scissor lifts for sale will fit in home garages and do not need to be bolted down. This is great for when you need to move the lift out of the way or relocate it to another workspace. This is also a fantastic feature for renters who can't use a permanent vehicle scissor lift solution in their garage.

But portability doesn't mean you have to sacrifice productivity. Our automotive scissor lifts for sale are available in low-rise, mid-rise and full-rise variations, allowing you to scale your lift based on your budget and the type of jobs you want to perform on your vehicles. Just because you have a smaller garage doesn't mean you have to still use a simple jack and a few car stands. A portable scissor car lift is quicker and easier, and helps you get your projects done faster.

Low-Rise Scissor Lifts

Low-rise lifts are meant for shops with lower ceilings. Many of these lifts provide full access to the vehicle's underside for full service applications, while others are designed primarily for wheel and suspension jobs and detail service. Our smallest and least expensive option is the BendPak Lr-60, a 6,000-lb capacity scissor lift that allows you to lift most modern passenger cars and light trucks without taking up a ton of space in your garage. The Challenger MR6 is an example of a mid-rise lift.

Mid-Rise Scissor Lifts

A mid-rise scissor car lift still has low ceilings in mind but provides more ground clearance than low-rise options, allowing a mechanic to more easily service a vehicle from underneath. And although not all of the mid-rise lifts provide access to the center line, they offer better ergonomic comfort when performing tire service or brake jobs. The Challenger MR6 is an example of a mid-rise lift.

Full-Rise Scissor Lifts

Our full-rise lifts allow you to stand upright underneath the vehicle with a smaller footprint and no posts on the side to cramp your tight workspace. The full-rise auto scissor lift still works great in smaller shops and in at-home garages. Check out the Rotary Lift RLP-77 for an example of a full-rise scissor lift.

Why Choose ProQuip?

Looking for a scissor car lift? We at ProQuip offer a variety of car lift solutions from some of the top automotive scissor lift manufacturers in the world. Contact us today and get ready for your new scissor lift to make your jobs easier.