4 Post Car Lifts

ProQuip Solutions offers the best in 4-Post Car Lifts from some of the top brands. The right 4-post car lift can make undercarriage repairs and wheel service maintenance easier for mechanics and hobbyists alike. Plus, the extra storage space provided by a 4-post lift can increase the amount of vehicles you can fit in your facility or garage, which can make a huge difference in business or your collection! Whether in the market for residential 4-post lifts or heavy duty 4-post truck lifts, you will be sure to find exactly what you’re looking for, with both closed-front and open-front selections available. Shop for lifts from some of the best brands and buy a Bendpak, Challenger, Rotary or Forward 4-post lift at ProQuip Solutions today!


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Quickly Repair Your Vehicles With 4 Post Car Lifts

Sometimes, we need to be able to examine the underside of our vehicle for assistance with general repair, changing fluids or performing maintenance on our wheels. If you're a professional mechanic, it's crucial that you have immediate access to the bottom of the car you're working on. And, when you have cars coming and going out of your business, a simple jack just won't cut it. That's why you need powerful, heavy-duty 4 post car lift to raise your vehicles. As the name suggests, a 4 post lift is made with 4 rugged and durable beams to provide complete support of the vehicle, keeping you safe while performing maintenance. Also known as a 4 post hoist, this specialty lift is ideal for service facilities but can be used at home in a spacious barn.

There are many benefits to using 4 post lifts to repair vehicles. One of those advantages is being able to see every part of the vehicle from multiple angles, meaning you can pinpoint the exact location of the issue. Additionally, each 4 post car hoist we sell offers wide runways and locking mechanics that allow you or your customers to safely park the vehicle. Some lifts can even rise to tremendous heights that allow you to store a car underneath another vehicle, making them excellent for home or commercial storage. Whether you're in need of a 4 post car lift for your business or personal garage, our selection is unmatched. Browse our lifts or contact us if you have any questions.

What Brands of 4 Post Car Lifts Do You Sell?

We sell 4 post car lifts from some of the industry's top brands, which include:

  • A Bendpak 4 post lift
  • A Rotary 4 post lift
  • A Challenger 4 post lift

How is the Lifting Capacity of a 4 Post Car Lift?

A 4 post car lift typically holds anywhere from 7,000 pounds to 9,000 pounds. However, you can purchase a heavy duty 4 post lift for larger vehicles such as fire trucks, dump trucks and more.

Can 4 Post Lifts Be Used for Boats?

Yes! As a matter of fact, we do carry the BendPak HD-7500BLX that is ideal for boats.