2 Post Car Lifts & Auto Hoists

ProQuip Solutions carries the best 2-post car lifts in the automotive industry. The two-post car lift is the backbone of this industry, as it allows for easy maintenance and storage regardless of the vehicle or garage. We feature an extensive range of 2-post car lifts for sale from some of the industry’s top brands to provide solutions to any situation. From asymmetrical to symmetrical, residential to commercial, we have the perfect two-post lift for you.

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The Best 2-Post Car Lifts for Residential & Commercial Spaces

Since 1987, ProQuip Solutions has been committed to offering the best automotive technology solutions to its diverse customer base. Whether you’re a committed hobbyist or an experienced member of the industry itself, you can be sure to find the perfect two-post lift for your needs among our selection. The Challenger CLFP9, with its 9,000 lb carrying capacity, is perfect for residential collectors. Meanwhile, the Rotary SPO20, with its 20,000 lb carrying capacity and numerous color options, is perfect for the auto shop looking for a heavy duty solution that can stay on-brand. ProQuips is committed to providing high-quality products and support to all of its customers, so order two-post automotive lift today!

Types of Two-Post Car Lifts

Depending on your needs, you will want to do the proper research to decide which two-post automotive lift is right for you.

Asymmetrical Two-Post Lifts

Asymmetrical two-post lifts center the vehicle to the rear of the post columns, often with rotated columns and different arm lengths. The benefits of an asymmetrical 2-post automotive lift include being able to open the doors, reduced wear and tear on the columns and more clearance at the rear of the columns.

Symmetrical Two-Post Lifts

Symmetrical car hoist lifts center the vehicle in the bay with columns positioned directly across from one another and equal length arms on each side. This equalizes the load on the structure and is ideal for trucks and commercial vehicles.

Residential Two-Post Lifts

Residential two-post hoists require less bells and whistles than commercial lifts, as they will traditionally be in considerable less use than their industrial counterparts. With carrying capacities of up to 10,000 lbs, though, our selection of residential car lifts is still more than capable of holding your trusted vehicle.

Commercial Two-Post Lifts

Commercial two-post car lifts are built for frequent use with higher lift capacities, reinforced access ramps and drive-on style pads for quick vehicle spotting, perfect for express bays. With lifts from brands like BendPak, Challenger and Rotary, your business is in safe hands.

Heavy-Duty Two-Post Lifts

Heavy-duty two-post automotive lifts are built for heavy-duty vehicles. This is done with stage-2 front and rear arms for symmetric lifting, top beams with extended height and high-quality power systems capable of lifting heavy loads.Shop for heavy-duty lifts with up to 20,000 lb lifting capacity.

For more information on facility planning, equipment financing options and how ProQuip Solutions can upgrade your garage with 2-post lifts, contact our team of automotive technology specialists today!