With Tire-Slick, you can see, smell and feel the difference.

HIGH QUALITY- Tire-Slick is consistent in texture because we only use the top quality ingredients in our processing methods. This makes Tire-Slick more pleasant to work with on a daily basis.

CONSISTENCY – With Tire-Slick, you can count on the same product time after time. A precise, controlled formula is followed to achieve product consistency batch after batch. It also means that there is no possibility of separating or liquefying.

RELIABILITY – Tire-Slick is the fastest and easiest tire mounter on the market; and because of its thick, consistent texture, it is also the most reliable bead seater around. This means fewer rim leakswhich will mean fewer remounts. Faster remounts, fewer rim leaks, and adhering to the major tire manufacturers standards.

GREAT VALUE – Great value means maximum quality for minimum cost.